How to be part of the different local groups?

The CRISCO project includes the participation of local groups.We need you to build a thematic network of European cosmopolitan cities!

The aim of those local partners is to:

  • Be part of a well-balanced Local Panel of Stakeholders (based on the following proportions: 1/3 of citizens or citizens’ organizations, 1/3 non-profit and civil society organizations, and 1/3 experts, officials and local authorities), to experiment and review their local integration initiatives, in order to:
  • Share their local experience with the rest of the network, particularly at the 4 thematic transnational meetings held in Bassano, Strasbourg, Vejle and Etterbeek, with a view to gain experience and share the main common findings and recommendations with a larger audience at the European level, in order to contribute to the Europe for Citizens Programme.

Want to be part of this project? Contact the partner from your city!

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