Municipality of Rezekne

Rezekne municipality


Rezekne municipality (consisting of 25 rural territories) has the largest territory in Latvia. It is located near the eastern border of Latvia which is also the border of the European Union. The location provides many opportunities for cooperation with Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia as the closest neighbours. However, close location to the border with Russia, 240 km to capital city Riga and difficulties to learn and understand the Latvian language prevents the part of the Russian speaking population to take part in the local life of Rezekne municipality. 11.3 % of the Russian speaking population, living in Rezekne region, did not proceed with naturalization to gain Latvian citizenship. It often results in forming different separate socio-demographic groups, sometimes at the expense of social cohesion. It means that a part of the people who live in Latvia, is isolated not only from voting rights but also from decision making processes and mutual understanding in Rezekne municipality. Rezekne Municipality has a diversified socio-demographic profile so during the project time it is interested in better involvement of all the citizens in local life in order to improve the social cohesion, to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

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